Summertime (2017)
Kamila (2017)
Veiled (2016)
RU (2014)
   Douze en Jeu  (2018)   A re-creation of  Treize en Jeu  (2013), now titled  Douze en Jeu,  is     a dance for twelve (8 women and 4 men), set to the fourth movement of Franz Schubert’s Trio in E Flat Major.  It features duets, trios and solos set against a backdrop of counterpoint group entrances and exits to create a textured stage picture to reflect the complexity of the musical score. The off-kilter use of ballet vocabulary is highlighted by classical character dance influences.
   Drive  (2016)  Lavagnino creates a double male/female duet with angular, taut movement vocabulary to explore the uncompromising aspects of ourselves that extend to our most personal relationships. Scott Killian’s evocative score builds on the dancers' unnerving sense of detachment as they dance with keen attention to one another. Ultimately, we recognize that the conflict will not be resolved, yet their impasse is eerily harmonious.